Upcoming Events

Tuesday December 17th to Friday December 20th.
We open at 10-30am for tea, coffee and cakes.
At 11-00am there is a short Organ Concert By Dr Gordon Sewart.
at 12-00 a lunch of soup is served.
You are welcome to come to all or part of the day, no booking needed.
No charge bur donations towards our Organ Renovation Fund will be welcome.
Here are the discussion group topics for the next few months.
All sessions take place at Providence Church on the last Tuesday of the month, at 7.30pm. There is a short presentation to start, followed by discussion from the floor.

All welcome.

November 26th - 'Through a glass darkly?' - the parables of the New Testament.

Do the parables make things clearer or add more mystery? If the former, how do they work? If the latter, what purpose do they serve? In thus session we will consider some examples of parable and think about what they may mean in the context, but also more widely and poetically.


December - no discussion group as there are lots of church events.

January 28th 2020 - 'Like for like?' Translation and the Bible. More info later.

February 25th 2020 - 'Voices from the distance' - who and what else influenced Christianity other than Judaism? More info later.

New Mills Lectures start a new season in October.

The lectures start at 7-30 and run for an hour. They are followed by refreshments abd a chance to discuss the lecture.
Admission is free but there is an opportunity to contribute to expenses as you are able

Tuesday December 3
Ernie Rea
When Muslims Disagree
Ernie Rea is the former Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC and is presenter of Radio 4's Beyond Belief. His talk will look at the history of Islam, right back to the death of the Prophet.

January 14
Mark O’Brien
The Israeli/Palestinian conflict - who's land is it?
How did this become one of the world’s most intractable conflicts and is there any hope of a resolution?
Mark O’Brien is a former BBC producer who has lived and worked in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. His talk will ask how this becaim one of the world's most intractable conflicts and if there is any hope of a resolution.

Every Wednesday 2-00pm to 4-00pm
Open to everyone, no charge.
Call in at Providence for coffee or tea and cake and company.
17th November is our monthly Quiet Service
24th November; worship will be led by Revd Paul Frampton
1st December, worship with communion will be led by Revd Annette.
8th December, worship will be led by Phil Knott
15th December is our monthly Quiet Service
22nd December worship will be led by Revd Alison
our Christmas day worship will be led by revd Jenny Austin
29th December, worship will be led by Revd Annette

All services will start at 10-30 am. There will be refreshments and opportunity for conversation at the end of the services.
All welcome.