Upcoming Events

Music for a Summer Afternoon


Gordon Stewart, Tom Osborne and Friends

Sunday June 23 at 3pm, followed by refreshments

Tickets £8 Children under 16 free

Money raised from this concert will be donated to the Marie Curie Charity
For primary and preschool children and their families
9th June 4-00pm to 6-00pm
Join us for the final Tea Time Craft before the summer break.
With a 1960s Party Tea, Party Games and Craft Activities
Come dressed for the 1960s

No charge, but donations from this event will be sent to
Christians Against Poverty.

Join us for a new venture starting on March 6th.
Every Wednesday 3-00pm to 5-00pm
Open to everyone, no charge.
Call in at Providence for coffee or tea and cake and company.
Dying Matters is a national coalition which aims to help people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement, and to make plans for end of life; They organise an Awareness Week every year. In May 2019 Providence Church will be hosting a week of activities in New Mills to coincide with national events. There are no charges for any of the events but for some of them we ask you to book a place using the links that should be available by mid March.

Saturday 11th – Sunday 19th May
Art Exhibition Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
“Light Shines Through The Darkness” Ruth Goodheir’s paintings produced after a period of personal crisis. “During this time I experienced joy and pain, darkness and light, storm and calm, and a sense of the sacredness of creation”
There will also be a range of written information including leaflets from Dying Matters, NHS, and CAB.
Book stall New Mills Library
A number of books to support your exploration of death and dying, including a number to read with children and young people.

Saturday 11th May Market Street prom, New Mills
Grafitti Board. Before I die……….
Come and meet the team, sign up for the week’s events, register your query for the panel of experts at New Mills very own Question Time on 20th May

Monday 13th May 1.30 -3.00
Sing Along with University of 3rd Age Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
Songs for my Wake or maybe Funeral. Come and join in, or just listen. Light refreshments available.

Monday 13th May 3.30 – 5.30 Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
CAB drop-in; call and for information and advice about how best to manage the practical and financial aspects of death and dying.

Tuesday 14th May 7.30-9.00 Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
Providing Spiritual Care for the dying Rev David Ireland CEO Francis House

Wednesday 15th May 7.30-9.00 Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
Death in Ancient Egypt. A fascinating talk by Lijidia Mcknight and what her work with mummies tells us about attitudes to death and dying.

Thursday 16th May 7.30-9.30 Butterfly House, Market Street, New Mills
Death Cafe Where people drink tea/coffee, eat cake and discuss death. The aim is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their (finite) lives.
Come early and have a meal at the food hub; stay late and share a beer with friends.

Friday 17th May 4.00-6.00 Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
Workshop Supporting Children through Grief &Loss

Saturday 18th May 10.30- 3.00 Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
Family Craft Activities Opening conversations with our children

Sunday 19th May 10.30 Providence Church, Mellor Road, SK22 4DP
Service for Remembering Mediation and celebration

Monday 20th May 7.30 Volunteer Centre, Union Road, New Mills SK22 4DP
Question Time Come and quiz our panel of experts.


Our next meetings are; May 2nd,16th, 30th
We are reading;
Creative Faith; Religion as a way of Worldmaking by Don Cupitt
At some point very early on in its development, Christianity split between two different pathways: one path stayed with the teaching of Jesus and the primacy of ethics, the other started with the return of Jesus and, therefore, with supernatural belief. Today, ethics has been largely sidelined, viewed as secondary or subservient to belief. Don Cupitt argues that the time has come to give ethics priority in defining and shaping religious life. As he puts it, "No longer should we aim to conserve the self, preparing for eternity: we must simply expend it, by living generously”.
Don Cupitt was born in 1934 in Lancashire, England, and educated at Charterhouse, Trinity Hall Cambridge, and Westcott House Cambridge.   He studied, successively, Natural Sciences, Theology and the Philosophy of Religion.   In 1959 he was ordained deacon in the Church of England, becoming a priest in 1960.   In the early 1990s he stopped officiating at public worship, and in 2008 he finally ceased to be a communicant member of the church.
After short periods as a curate in the North of England, and as Vice-Principal of Westcott House, Cupitt was elected to a fellowship and appointed Dean at Emmanuel College late in 1965.   Since then he has remained at the College.   In 1968 he was appointed to a University teaching post in the Philosophy of Religion, a job in which he continued until his retirement for health reasons in 1996.   At that time he proceeded to a Life Fellowship at Emmanuel College, which remains his base today.   He is married, with three children, and five grandchildren.
Don Cupitt's books began to appear in the early 1970s, without attracting much public attention.   He first provoked hostile notice by his participation in the symposium The Myth of God Incarnate (1977), and then became nationally known for his media work — especially the three BBC Television projects Open to Question (1973), Who was Jesus? (1977), and The Sea of Faith (1984).
Cupitt's notoriety peaked in the these years of the early 1980s, his most important book of that period being Taking Leave of God (1980), which shut down his career and made him in the eyes of the Press an atheist and perhaps ‘the most radical theologian in the world’.   He survived, partly because the then Archbishop of Canterbury and the then Master of Emmanuel defended his right to put forward his views.   Since that time he has devoted his energies to developing his ideas in a long line of books.

21st April is Easter Sunday, we will not be holding our usual Quiet Service, but everyone is welcome to join us for our Easter Celebration of New Life.
28th April will now be our Quiet Service led by Revd Alison.
5th May the service will be led by Revd Jenny Austin
12th May worship will be led by Revd Annette
19th May is our Quiet Service
26th May worship will be led by Revd Alison

All services will start at 10-30 am. There will be refreshments and opportunity for conversation at the end of the services.
All welcome.