Upcoming Events

New Mills Lectures start a new season in October.

The lectures start at 7-30 and run for an hour. They are followed by refreshments abd a chance to discuss the lecture.
Admission is free but there is an opportunity to contribute to expenses as you are able

Tuesday November 5
Simon Mapp
An introduction to Ludwig Wittgenstein and his early work - and why it does matter.
When Simon Mapp spoke at Providence last year several people asked if he could return to talk more about Wittgenstein and in particular his early life. he has been a trustee of Sea of Faith and lectures nationally on Wittgenstein.

Tuesday December 3
Ernie Rea
When Muslims Disagree
Ernie Rea is the former Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC and is presenter of Radio 4's Beyond Belief. His talk will look at the history of Islam, right back to the death of the Prophet.

January 14
Mark O’Brien
The Israeli/Palestinian conflict - who's land is it?
How did this become one of the world’s most intractable conflicts and is there any hope of a resolution?
Mark O’Brien is a former BBC producer who has lived and worked in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. His talk will ask how this becaim one of the world's most intractable conflicts and if there is any hope of a resolution.