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At Providence we welcome you to our themed discussions which cover theological, philosophical and ethical themes
This season’s programme:

January 21st 2020 - 'Like for like?' Translation and the Bible Is translation as simple as it seems? CANCELLED

February 18th 2020 - 'Voices from the distance' - what else influenced Christianity?
Often, the source of Christianity is seen as Judaism. But it is much more than this. We can see all sorts of influences, ranging from stoicism, cynicism, epicureanism and even Greek and Roman ‘paganism’. More widely, how possible is it that Christianity is influenced by other faiths, such as Buddhism or Hinduism?

March 17th 2020 – ‘Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord…’
Charity in the bible What are the biblical standards for charity and generosity? The bible has been used to justify many ideologies, from capitalism to socialism. How do we get from an ancient text to a set of modern morals? Why are there so many diverse interpretations of what it means to be ethical with wealth?