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The Manchester 10K

Twelve months ago I had my right knee replaced. What has this got to do with The Manchester 10K you may ask?

Let me explain I had been so fed up with the inactivity that waiting for surgery had caused that I made a sort of bucket list of activities that I wanted to do once I was able to. One of those was a 10K walk. The list also included fun things like a spa day with Clair.

To cut a long story short I mentioned this firstly to Val who agreed to accompany me then we roped in others including Natalie, Janes Forshaw and Kear, Sheena, Anne Shields, Helen{Jane F’s daughter} and 2 of her friends and Rev. Alison.

We all have our reasons for walking and the charity we are walking for.

Manchester’s Mayor, Andy Burnham, has chosen The Christie as his charity for 2018/19 and most of the money raised by the run will go there including mine.

My inspiration for taking this on is our own Evelyn who has undergone successful treatment there and has done so with dignity and grace.
A way to say thank you for the care she was given.

If you see any of us walking towards you, over the next few weeks, with a sponsor sheet and pen please don’t head off in the opposite direction all of our chosen charities need support.

We need your support, encouragement and prayers as we start our preparations.

Thank you in anticipation.


Some years ago, Beatrice and her husband converted an overgrown space adjacent to Providence Church into a garden oasis. Open to anyone, for many years this delightful spot has been available for quiet meditation, or a resting space before tackling the hill up to Mellor. Whilst remaining extremely enthusiastic our original gardener now needs some additional support to maintain and develop the space. Volunteers from Incredible Edible New Mills, a Transition project are now helping out.
Transition New Mills is part of an international movement which supports communities to think locally about how to prepare themselves for increasing climate change. Incredible Edible NM is cultivating community spaces to provide free food for residents and local wildlife. Gradually more herbs, salads and fruit will appear in the Tranquillity Garden for anyone to crop.
More information:
Facebook: IncredibleEdibleNM

Dear Friends, 2017/18 has seen a period of rapid and unsettling change across the synod and Providence, New Mills has not been exempt from the effects of those changes. However it would seem correct to say that despite those changes the fellowship is in good heart and constantly finding new ways to offer fellowship, friendship and an open welcome to anyone who is seeking to explore the Christian faith or ask questions about the deeper meaning of life.

So this year the church has again built on its links with the local schools as Alison took up the role of Community Governor and a number of our members have been engaged with the Open the Book Programme of assemblies telling the Bible stories every fortnight in 4 of our local primary schools. The church has also continued to offer monthly services at Watford house which are always appreciated and Stephen is just beginning an outreach to local men offering Christian fellowship in a variety of social settings with no ‘hidden agenda’.

The quiet reflective services offered once a month have been well received leading to a number of new faces beginning to count Providence as their spiritual home, and the discussion evenings or speakers have regularly drawn a very mixed audience from across the pastorate, our ecumenical partners and the community.

In all these ways I see a church that is confidently BEING ITSELF and offering itself in service of the Gospel.

We extend our thanks to everyone who has offered skills, gifts and time to serve God and God’s church in this place. We pray for wisdom, courage and joy in our life together in the coming year.

Every blessing Alison and Annette

Teatime Craft Report for AGM

I’m starting this year’s report on a personal note of thanks to Sheena and Anne. They stepped in willingly to cover for me while I was out of action at the end of last year and the beginning of this.

We continue to meet on the first Sunday of the month, although we do change this if it clashes with school holidays.
Our numbers vary between 10 and 30 children. The higher number was reached in September as TTC was listed in the New Mills Festival programme. When the numbers are this high Sheena and Anne come to help and we are so grateful.

There is not a fixed charge. It’s never been necessary. Our cash flow is fine the parents are generous with their donations.

We offer a variety of crafts usually themed to the time of year. These are aimed at pre-school children and those in KS1.

We give the children a party type tea with sandwiches, sausages, crisps with cucumber and fruit and cake of course.

The majority of the children come with two adults, mums, dads and sometimes grandparents.
The adults are always grateful for a cuppa and cake.

Of course any one is welcome to call in but be prepared to have a tea towel thrust into your hand.

Everyone seems to have a good time and we are thanked warmly when they go home.

Val, Jane, Viv, Sheena and Anne

Watford House AGM report

We continue to go to Watford House most months. The home is happy for us to go in and is always welcoming and helpful. The time spent there is uplifting for us and the residents appear to enjoy it as much as we do.

We have a strong committed team, which can vary from month to month depending on availability. This year we have been joined by Brenda Smith from the Revival Church, who used to lead a service there, but no longer feels able to, now pleased to help us.

We want to thank everyone involved for their help and support. We ask that people will pray for the continuation of this work and for God’s leading and guidance.

Christine & Stephen Wild

Church Secretary’s Report 2017/18

Thank you again, all of you, our members and friends. Thank you for being part of our Providence family. In this, my last report as Church Secretary, I say it again: how I’m proud to be part of a church where each one of us wants to make a difference.

We remain, of course, a community church as ever, part in our town’s life. Beyond Sunday morning worship, we continue our monthly outreach to young children and their parents – Teatime Craft remains popular and well-used. On 2 September, we welcomed the Budd family to Providence, and Alison received two younger members into God’s Church by baptism – we pray we they may see them here in the early future.

Watford House, our local nursing home, always welcome our visits, and 5-8 of us are usually found monthly leading a simple act of worship (thanks to all who take part). Last December saw Open Church week yet again, shared with many friends from community and pastorate. Tea, coffee and cakes and delicious home-made soup – and thanks again to Gordon Stewart and the Kinder Handbell Ringers.

Our building users are, as ever, an important part of who we are (and not just financially) – Val’s ‘After School Club’ especially. May Providence remain a meeting place for friends, old and new. This year’s highlights include our wonderful ‘Concert for a Summer Afternoon’ given by Gordon and Tom Osborne, Assistant Principal Trumpet for the Hallé’, also his wife Lisa, oboist – three highly accomplished musicians. The September Festival saw our worship area heaving with visitors to ‘Made in New Mills’ while the ‘Women in Art’ exhibition downstairs attracted a good deal of interest.

Our monthly midweek talks have also sparked interest from New Mills and beyond – speakers including Rosalind Selby (what do we really mean when saying we believe, or don’t believe, in the truth of the Bible?), and Dr James Coleman, who posed the hard question, ‘Is there a case for a ‘just war’?. Our own Richard Britton has also helped us on our theological journey. All our talks will, of course, remain open to all. Our third Sunday in the month ‘quiet services’, led by Jane, Val and others, have also helped prompt more reflective thinking, as has the twice-monthly Book Group.

Also saying important things about who we are and what we believe, our continuing support for Rainbow Haven and its essential work among asylum-seekers, along with Wellspring and our own Helping Hands Food Bank. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the ending of what was meant to be ‘the war to end wars’, we are all too aware of God’s call to us, still to reach out in peace, reconciliation and generosity.

A new venture, which we hope will also say something important about what we believe, is our Pastorate Men’s Group, started up by Stephen Wild: an encouragement to those of us who are men to follow the lead of many of our ladies, as we get together more and show others that Christians can have fun!

Our early 19th century building has needed attention as usual – especially more repairs to the roof. Huge thanks are due yet again to Robin.

Thank you again to Alison and Annette, our ministers, to Providence and to our Goyt & Etherow Pastorate – which is, it seems, in the process of morphing into a new Synod-born creature known as a ‘missional partnership’ – in our case drawing in churches in Hazel Grove, south-east Stockport and Bredbury at least. As before, it’s all about sharing God’s love in our communities and with all whose lives we touch. How much of a difference it will really make to our way of following Jesus – and Alison’s and Annette’s ministry here – remains to be seen. Both have continued challenging us to deepen our walk with God and in our understanding of what discipleship should and could really mean –in part through friendship and diversity. Primary schools work, with multi-church ‘Open the Book’ teams, has continued, as have periodic Bible studies, and Quiet Evenings and Days, for friends and members. Alison and Annette, thank you.

And to all of us: whether we’re taking up new roles or laying them down, or continuing to serve God as in the past: the assurance that God will be with us.

Michael Brueck