Providence United Reformed Church

Established in 1823, Providence Church is situated in the town of New Mills on the edge of the High Peak of Derbyshire. We believe that God's work for us is continually developing and we are all on a journey together.

We believe that everyone has spiritual needs and questions, but not everyone seeks to answer them in a religious way, or by belonging to a church.
We consider these needs to be valid and are committed to
help each other voice their questions about life and its meaning and to seek answers to them whether in a religious form or not. We welcome people to express their questions and beliefs.

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Providence Theology is a blog that includes articles, reviews, interviews, poetry and discussion touching on the theological and philosophical. There is a regularly updated blogroll but also other sections too. There is a newsletter with links to interesting articles and videos from the internet and a page of useful links. It is radical but inclusive. All views expressed belong to individuals and are not representative of Providence URC church or the URC as a whole. All opinions are open to polite challenge and discussion. All are welcome in the conversation

As a church we do not claim to know "the answers",
but we will always ask the questions....


We need to keep a record of everyone who comes into the building for any reason.
There will be a form in the porch that needs to be filed in even if you only stay for a few minutes.
Please do this, it is mandatory not just something the elders have thought up. It enables us to ensure that the cleaning regime is not compromised before each Sunday service. (For example)
There will be hand sanitiser in the porch and antibacterial wipes, please use them on entering and leaving the building, for yourself and finish by wiping down door handles.
If you use the toilet there will be an anti bacterial spray please wipe surfaces with this and use paper towels.
But please only come into the building if you really have to.
In the long term we will have to have a timetable of who enters the building to ensure there is no overlap and time is left for cleaning.
Again, all this is to ensure we follow government regulations re covid 19 control. The record of all those who enter the building will assist with the track and trace system should we have to make use of it. Your cooperation and support is important as we plan for the future opening of Providence.

As we look to the future we have planned;
Sett Valley walk starting on Wednesday 12th we plan to have a weekly walking group along the trail from 2-00 to 4-00. We will meet at the gate on High Hill Road
Monthly Sunday morning gathering, a time to listen to music, readings and prayers. This will hopeful start in September. This will go ahead under stringent guidelines and more details will be sent to you later. If this goes well, we will be eventually working towards a more normal pattern of worship.
In the meantime the elders have to ensure the building is covid safe and write detailed risk assessments

This will continue for the foreseeable future, thank you to all who have been involved in their production. We know they are much enjoyed and appreciated across the whole Missional Partnership.

SUNDAY 18th October
We are opening Providence for worship on Sunday 18th October. It will be good to have the opportunity to get together for worship again.
However, the service will be very different because of guidelines re Covid19 so if you are planning to attend please note the following points.

  • Please keep to social distancing of 2m before, after and during the service.
  • Please use hand sanitizer and sign in as you enter the building
  • Please use hand sanitiser and sign in as you leave the building
  • You will need to wear a face mask while you are in the building.
  • If you use the toilet please use the anti bac spray
  • There will be no refreshments served.
  • There will be no communal singing or opportunities for sharing during the service.
  • Unfortunately at the moment we will not be able to offer lifts to each other.
  • And of course if you, or anyone you live with, are experiencing any signs of covid 19 please do not come…. there will be other opportunities.

    We know this sounds tough but we must do what we can to keep everyone safe.

    We will continue to produce online worship and keep in touch with each other in other ways so please do not feel under pressure to attend if you do not feel comfortable is groups at the moment
Missional Partnership Support What’s on in October?
Using Zoom • Discerning the way workshop, Thursday 8 October, we will be discussing working together with God? 2.00pm repeated 7.30 pm
• Mission Wise Workshop, Thursdays 29th, we will be exploring together the mission imperative to teach about Jesus 2.00 pm repeated 7.30pm
JOIN IN AND HAVE FUN! For more info: email

  • Because you, God, love the world,
    because in Christ you walked it,
    we dare to pray:
    God, send Your Spirit;
    renew the life of the earth. Amen.
    (Source: Iona, “A Wee Worship Book”)

Our response to the corona virus crisis.

All activities and events a Providence are postponed or cancelled until further notice.
However we are producing morning worship that can be downloaded. us button below.

download Sunday worship 22 March

Sunday worship 29 March download

Palm Sunday worship 5th April

Easter Sunday worship 12th April

Sunday worship 19th April

Download hymns for 19th April

Sunday worship 26th April

Sunday worship 3rd May

Download hymns for 3rd May

Sunday worship 10th May

Sunday worship 17th May

Sunday worship 24th May

Sunday worship 31st May

Sunday worship 7th June

Sunday worship 14th June

Sunday worship 21st June

Sunday worship 28th June

Sunday worship 5th July

Sunday worship 9th August

Sunday worship 23rd August

Sunday worship 30th August

Sunday worship 20th September

Sunday worship for Harvest 3rd October

Sunday worship 11th October

Sunday worship for 18th October

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Providence Church is part of the United Reformed Church.


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"A Christian Church, living out the love of God by reaching into the heart of the Community and responding to its needs"

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Our main service is held every Sunday morning at 10.30 am. Communion of the Lords Supper is celebrated at least once each month. Coffee is provided after each Service.
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Good Times Out Of School Club Ltd only hire those that are passionate about what they do. Our team are all highly qualified with a passion for their work.

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Established in 1823, Providence United Reformed Church is situated in the town of New Mills on the edge of the High Peak of Derbyshire. Visit us today!
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Good Times Out Of School Club Ltd only hire those that are passionate about what they do. Our team are all highly qualified with a passion for their work.